Cedric Pain's CV
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Cédric Pain Nationality Date of birth French 24.03.1983 cedricpain/ @/ free.fr + 33 6 282 51 858 o o 12 rue Clair Soleil 34 170 Castelnau Le Lez France Skills Languages and Technologies ? Advanced : Perl 5, SQL, PHP, Mozilla Framework (XulRunner 1.8), PL/SQL, ? Basic : C, Visual Basic 6, VBA, XSLT, Matlab, VHDL. XML, XHTML, CSS2, Ajax, JavaScript, Shell Script (bash, korn shell), Java, NSDK, UML 2. Tools Application Software OS ? Advanced : NetBeans 5.5, Eclipse 3.2, Umbrello 1.5, Poseidon for UML 5.0. ? Basic : Microsoft Access 2003, Macromedia Dreamweaver, CLIPS, Objecteering 5.3, Vim, Matlab. ? Advanced : Linux (Mandrake 10.1, Mandriva 2006, Kubuntu 7.10), Microsoft Windows (MS Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/XP, MS-Dos). Other information ? OpenERP, Plone, Zope, RAD, Planner (project management software), Apache, Design Patterns, Oracle 8i, PHPLib. ? Merise, relational database, knowledge engineering for information, system audits, improvement of process management methodology. Education 2005-2009 Engineering Degree : Information Systems and Telecommunications, Software Integration (equivalent to a Master's degree ) - University of Technology of Troyes, France First year of Higher National Certificate in Computing - North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Wrexham, Wales. Two years Diploma in programming, electrical and electronic engineering, technical engineering - IUT Troyes, France (DUT GEII). Year one of the Engineering Degree - University of Technology, Troyes, France. Scientific Baccalauréat (equivalent to A levels in Science) - Compiègne, France. July 2004 2003-2005 2002-2003 June 2002 Employment September to Software Developer July 2007 Euriware, subsidiary company of Areva, Bagnols sur Cèze, France (placement) ? Improvement of a Manufacturing Execution System in the nuclear industry. Work in a 6 member team. Use of Oracle technologies for server side, and NSDK (NatSystem Development Kit) for client side. ? Improvement of a time reporting system using the LAMP stack of software, PhpLib framework, and Javascript language. February to July 2007 Analyst programmer Sens3D, Troyes, France (placement) I developed a media center based on a client/server architecture with Mozilla Framework technology. This open-source system used Javax to communicate between the clients and the servers, JavaScript+XUL for the client interface and LAMP for the server. The server streamed music to the requested client. The creation of an ETL system was part of the work. Web Designer North East Wales Institute, Wrexham, Wales (placement) I designed and implemented the Mechanical Engineering department’s website using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and the tool Dreamweaver. Waiter The Hand & Heart, Wrexham, Wales (part-time) This work enabled me to develop strong communication skills with clients and within the team. Waiter Slepe Hall (hotel & restaurant), Cambridgeshire, England (full-time). April to July 2005 April to July 2005 August 2003 Languages and Travelling French English German Periods abroad Native language Fluent oral and written (14 years). TOEFL : 99 / 120 Basic conversation, reading and writing. Great Britain (Cambridge : 1 year, Wrexham : 4 months). Germany (2 months). Sports and hobbies I enjoy playing board games such as Go, Pente, Chess. I was president of the Chess club of the University of Technology of Troyes. I also practice sports : badminton, volley-ball. Course Projects Creation of a dynamic web site to manage internships for students, using Perl language as a CGI, Apache and Javascript. Team manager of a project aimed at providing communication solutions for an educational association Langue Bulgare. This involved analysing the communication problems experienced by the client and creating models using UML diagrams. We came up with solutions, and then searched and found software that matched the solutions, a LMS called Moodle. I used TinyERP (now called OpenERP) and implemented it for a small business. I configured it to meet the client’s need –i.e. manage stock, provide a stock inventory when needed, prepare a purchase when a product reached its lower limit. Creation of a graphic Petri net (a complex place/transition net) creation tool using Java. I used Netbeans to create this software, and XML technology to save the data. Creation of a system administration script shell system. I used Linux, sh, awk and grep to create a second layer based on the shell command line. It enabled the management of users (to create/delete/modify accounts), see who was connected, add virtual hosts and others functions. As part of a team of three, my colleagues and I created a database and an interface (Microsoft Access) to manage dishes for a restaurant. We used an entity-relationship model database. References Available upon request